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What is Collective Disco?

Collective Disco is a wireless solution for outdoor events and festivals that allows the participants to synchronize all present speakers in the (camping) area, and democratically vote for the music through a website, fostering a more socially interactive and inclusive environment. The solution targets the issue of a chaotic and disruptive sound environment especially at festival campsites.

How does it work?

Collective Disco connects speakers through radio waves, and this technology choice was taken with regard to creating the best possible synchronization between speakers and giving the best musical experience. By focusing on the quality of our radio transmitters/receivers, we aim at creating the best and biggest joint parties, get camps closer together socially, and create a more fun and joyous music experience for everyone involved.

Control music in the web App

Using our web app, attendees in the area can submit their music preferences to a central playlist administered from the HQ. The playlist will then automatically prioritize the majority votes submitted by the users.

Why Collective Disco?

The increasing availability of affordable and transportable speaker systems has exploded in the recent years, making the sound environment at festival camping areas and other outdoor events chaotic and disruptive. This problem is especially noticeable at Roskilde Festival where privately owned speakers has massively increased. A trend that festival planners are hesitant to intervene in.

We’re creating value for the participants by giving them the opportunity to co-create the soundscape with their neighbours and thereby strengthening the social interaction between camps. Furthermore, we are solving a problem for festivals by presenting an alternative to the chaotic sound environment without limiting the attendees' freedom.


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Hosting a festival?

Create an inclusive and unforgettable atmosphere while minimizing noise pollution. Let Collective Disco take your festival to the next level! Contact us to discuss how we create the best experience tailored for your attendees.

Hosting an outdoor event?

Wether you want it LOUD or conversation-friendly we can create the perfect outdoor sound experience! Contact us for a free meeting where we can discuss how to make your event sound the best.

Hosting an indoor event?

Create an enveloping sound experience at all volumes and allow guests to collaboratively curate the perfect soundtrack. Foster engagement, create memorable moments, and leave a lasting impression. Contact us for a free meeting where we can discuss how to make your event sound the best.

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